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Light Feminine Perfume

Light Feminine Perfume

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Introducing "Light Feminine" - A Perfume of Compassion, Nurturing, and Transformation (FOR MEN AND WOMEN)

Embrace the gentle power of love and compassion with our exquisite fragrance, "Light Feminine." Crafted from the finest natural ingredients, this perfume is a harmonious blend of delicate notes designed to enhance your connection to the archetype it evokes. "Light Feminine" is more than just a fragrance; it's a journey towards nurturing, surrender, and transformation.

Key Ingredients:
  • Apothecary Rose Absolute: A fragrant embrace that evokes feelings of compassionate support. Purely poetic, soulful and loving.
  • Patchouli Essential Oil: Earthy and grounding, connecting you to the nurturing peaceful power of nature.
  • Vetiver Essential Oil: A deep, soothing note that invokes a sense of surrender and peace - luxurious and lightly musky.
  • Rose Damasca Essential Oil: The essence of love and beauty, awakening your heart's desires - heavenly and elegantly elevating
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil: A sacred scent that adds a touch of spirituality to your journey. Sweet-honey, syrup-scented, woody notes. This is moisturising, tonifying and contains botanical pheromones
  • Vanilla Essential Oil: A sweet, comforting note that evokes intimacy and warmth. Comforting like a mother’s milk to a babe, whilst bewitching and long-lasting in the air.
  • Vanilla Essential Oil: A warm and comforting note that evokes the sweetness of nurturing, intimacy and warmth. Comforting like a mother’s milk to a babe, whilst freshly innocent and long-lasting in the air.
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil: A symbol of abundance and transformation, inspiring growth and also good for the skin.
  • Yarrow Essential Oil: The essence of protection and boundaries, ensuring a safe space energetically and also nourishing for the skin.
  • Flower Essences: Homeopathic preparation that carries a spiritual essence/resonance and the intention of connecting you to Soul Aligned Magnetic Attraction and Manifestation.
  • High-Grade Alcohol: The base that carries these exquisite notes, ensuring a long-lasting fragrance. We use a non-benzene based alcohol - unlike many perfumers - as we care for our products to be non-toxic.

Archetype of Compassion and Nurturing:
The "Light Feminine" is an archetype of compassion and nurturing. It expresses love and care through acts of service, and offering support to those in need. Whether as a mother, maiden, or crone, this archetype knows the beauty of surrendering in the innocence of love.

A Perfume with a Purpose:
When you wear "Light Feminine" with intention and ritual, it becomes an anchor for the states evoked in the rituals. Combine it with our audio program, designed to facilitate your transmutation of shadows and evoke powerful change in your life through affirmations that evoke a soulful and clean embodiment of the related archetype. This perfume acts as a conduit, enhancing the effectiveness of these transformative rituals, allowing you to access and embed the states you reached in our transmutation programs easily in any setting through the memory of scent.

Embracing the Light Feminine:
The Light Feminine archetype's arms are open to hold and nurture you. They perform acts of service while you are away on your mission, embodying love and care. They surrender into your needs and take pleasure in being your delight.

The Warmth of Surrender:
As you rest your head on their waiting shoulder, as you cuddle into the warmth of their embrace, you relax as they surrender to your needs. Their choice to submit to being as source of your delight is a testament to their love. They wait to receive you with open hearts and open arms, they listen to your dreams and champion these like the worlds greatest cheerleader.

A Journey of Nurturing and Transformation:
"Light Feminine" not only enhances your scent but also deepens your connection to this archetype of compassion and nurturing. It guides you on a journey of surrender, love, and service - empowering you to take risks for higher purposes while maintaining healthy boundaries.

The Gift of Transformation:
When you wear "Light Feminine," you carry the energy of compassionate support with you, radiating love and care wherever you go. It is a reminder that surrender and nurturing are powerful tools for personal transformation and co-empowerment.

Embrace the essence of "Light Feminine" and allow it to inspire you on a journey of surrender, love, and service, where you can transmute shadows and evoke powerful change in your life and the lives of others.

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