Masculine/Feminine - Dark/Light

What is Masculine?

First, this is an energetic expression that is present in male, female, and other body types. We all have masculine and feminine qualities, integration of these aspects will change throughout our lives according to our true expression. A healthy balance for each person will not necessarily mean a 50-50 split. 

Doing, initiating, mind-based, individual, structured, logical

Lack of masculine

  • Waiting for a hero
  • Lack of productivity
  • Lack of presence

Excess of masculine

  • Overly rigid
  • Over thinks
  • Works to exhaustion without self time. 


What is Feminine?

Also an energetic expression and present in male, female and other body types. We all have masculine and feminine qualities and integration according to our true expression will change throughout our lives. 

Be done to / Having things done for, magnetising, flowing, community-oriented, intuitive

Lack of Feminine

  • Feel unsafe
  • Disconnected from group
  • Disconnected from body and emotion

Excess of Feminine

  • Chaotic
  • Lack of structure
  • Destructive of relationships 


What is the Dark?

The Dark is related to: 

  • Being in Receiving (Density attracts light)
  • Earth Based Energy/Qi
  • Matter (Dense Light/Vibration/Sound); 
  • Lower Chakras (Solar Plexus: Power/Will; Sacral: Sensuality/Creativity, Root: Wealth/Stability); 
  • Earth-based Paganism and Druidic traditions;
  • Serpentine energy.
  • Primal, raw and erotic expression

Hieros Gamos Alchemy products carry adaptogenic intentions—our Dark-energised products are libations that when used with our audio programs as anchors, may bring balance between a lack and an excess of Dark energies. These products may assist us to move through shadows, may support integrating our lessons, and may also support living empowered and from our core alignment. We suggest for greatest results to pair our physical products with our ethos of self-investigation and ritual practices. [links to real life application... how to create own rituals... audio programs]

Lack of Dark

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Gives power away
  • Detached from support structures

Excess of Dark

  • Overuse of power, leading to abuse of power
  • Lost and excessively reliant on others
  • Dramatic expressions that are often the result of a poorly informed perspective and an over-confidence

Those embodying Dark Archetypes are great at getting what they want, and they want matter-based things. The Dark Feminine is magnetically attracting desires with a strong gravitational energy. The Dark Masculine, when in integrity, is benevolent in their taking; this is the energy of the sovereign and its depth can only express to the level of integration of the other three archetypes—it integrates them all and as such they all are able to support the vision of the Queendom/Kingdom as this vision incorporates others visions and ensures a supportive infrastructure to build from.

Embodied dark archetypes, free from shadow are able to use the intelligence of matter to connect through love, rather than destroy through disconnection. Ambassadors of the Dark are mixing Eros with Light, their lower chakras are highly activated, and these chakras are wheels of Light with roots delving deeply into the Earth, conducting electrical current through the lower chakra urges and into the heart and above.

The energy/archetype of Mars is prevalent in Dark Archetypes, a primal, animal, Earth-based, sensual Eros (creative, heart connected power). While Mars represents the energy of will-power, we can show our dominance in a “socially acceptable way.” Whether we are shouting for our sports team, “killing it” in the board room, or attracting a mate, we can compete in a healthy way. It is healthy to win, and when we play there are no losers, only if we are ‘gaming’ is there a winner and loser — our shining example can be an inspiration to others, any other perspective is potentially an attachment and as such a shadow to be integrated. Let’s celebrate each other’s wins, see ourselves reflected in everything and everyone great around us and rise up together. This Darker energy of Mars, of socially acceptable will-power has been pivotal for the evolution of the human species. It’s Mars energy that tells friends what to do when moving furniture for organising a party, getting the job done for the good of the tribe.

Many Heroes have travelled to the depths, to the underworld, and returned soul intact, no longer living for themselves, but for the living and the dead. Jesus dies for 3 days, and he is also in the desert with the Devil for 40 days. Heracles, Odysseus, Persephone, Orpheus, Ishtar, Innana, Gilgemesh, Cerridwen, and Bran are also strong examples of characters/archetypes that have made the descent and returned.

Throughout history, many have been enchanted, lying to themselves, they have pretended that they do not have darkness. This lying has lead to hiding information. We have a societal choice between coming back to nature and outsourcing our expression by often overmatching watching television and/or numbing ourselves by overindulging in food to suppress emotions.

We know we have darkness inside; when it is clear of shadow, and we can use it from a place of integrity, it allows us to stand for something in our world, to be a champion for Gaia with our Will. 

You may evoke energies of darkness that have met the light and our products are tools to invoke these energies, if you choose to use them in this way. Light and dark are intimately connected; when they are active and connected to the soul—the light is holding presence for the dark’s expression.

The dark utilises manipulation to obtain desires that are aligned with the soul’s will/purpose. Manipulation is neither good nor bad; using conversational tactics to prevent a person on the 10th storey of a building ledge from jumping is arguably a healthy expression. The Dark is expressing in the world through marketing, activists’s resolve, those who protect their country from invaders, and prolific speakers who cause reflection by piercing with truth that which is compassionate and detached.

There is a knowing in a darkness that knows the light—that all is holy. It is from this space that a void-like quality of darkness can be held for others who are exploring, purging, and transmuting their shadows. 

The darkness holds a lot of power and our products may bring love and power together, that is one of our intentions. The Dark can hold fiery energies inside until there is consent within another. This holding back is a solar plexus/power chakra expression—a part of the soul waiting for love to be present before acting, despite the strength of the lower chakras being charged in the body.

Darkness without love is survival based; with love it builds the foundations for new civilisations. It is possible to choose enjoyment in passion and drive, in the bedroom and in disrupting old systems, from which the new can arise.

When the soul is present with the darkness, the powers of the dark that are able to obtain things and make them happen are used for the self and the collective. To be in service with our dark gifts is to be seeding powerfully and with purity. When the darkness is present in just the body/mind, then what expresses is a self-centred power that is taking and receiving what satisfies the personality. When darkness is integrated and heart is present, a clean dark heart can satisfy the sacred yearnings of the soul.

What is the Light?

The Light is related to: 

  • Being in Giving
  • Cosmic Based Energy/Qi
  • Consciousness (Less Dense Light/Vibration/Sound… It is still matter and more subtle); 
  • Upper Chakras (Throat: Responsibility+Communication; Third Eye: Wisdom/Insight; Crown: Divinity + Connection; 
  • Ascension, Transcendence, Multi-dimensionality, and Soul
  • Healers, Angelic Power
  • Christ and Mother Mary Consciousness.

Hieros Gamos Alchemy products carry adaptogenic intentions—our Light-energised products are libations that when used with our audio programs as anchors may bring balance between a lack and an excess of Light energies. Our products may assist us to move through shadows, may support integrating our lessons, and may support living empowered and from our core. 

Lack of Light

  • Lack of faith leading to being trapped in mundane reality
  • Lack of presence to higher energies and lack of mental clarity
  • Sceptical of higher realms

Excess of Light

  • Perfectionism
  • Controlling from over-providing and causing guilt and shame
  • Rigid

Those embodying Light Archetypes are compassionate and often selfless. There is also a “righteous burning of the witches” energy when out of connection with the heart, judgment is a shadow of excess light that leads to guilt and shame. The Eros that guides these archetypes is Cosmically based and assists nourishing healers, energy workers, mothers, maidens, priests, and saints. 

The energy of Mercury/Hermes is prevalent in light archetypes, rational, energising and as quick as lightning. This is the energy of a scholar and of those who know the power that their compassionate service and surrender has for the collective. The energy of Asclepios is also present, this is an energy of healing and care.

Many iconic characters have this energy, Mary Poppins, Mother Theresa, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Green Tara, and Quan Yin. All are selfless and focused expressions of morals and ethics. These energies have often been separate from many in civilisation, this means they have bee in shadow and under expressed. In contrast and still in shadow, many have disconnectedly made donations to offset taxes, as opposed to truly researching the integrity of charities before giving their energy to an empty cause. A true embodier of Light does their research, knowledge is important so we can make informed decisions. Disconnection from expression is another result of disconnecting from our minds healthy consideration of morals and ethics, Healthy light involves clear and informed communication. It has been easier to follow with a herd mentality when feeling numb by letting societal programming control the collective; and we all have a responsibility to remedy our thoughts, behaviours and hearts.

We all know that we have light inside. As it is cleared of shadow, we can clearly express our message. Whether it is a new stream of consciousness or a solidification of previously channeled truth, the light allows us to give from ourselves in a sustainable and ecological way, as long as we choose it; and we can enjoy choosing this. Choosing to learn about our lights shadows, such as over-extending as a Martyr is important so we look after ourselves first, thusly we can serve others from an overflowing cup.

The heart chakra expressing from the centre of our being is neither light nor dark. Associated with Love and the Goddess Venus/Aphrodite, this energy is able to descend, meeting the energies of Mars in the Solar Plexus (Dark Energy) and can also rise to meet Mercury/Hermes (Consciousness/Light Energy). Pandemonia the Greek representation of Aphrodite in connection to Darkness is much like Kali and bears lessons of love with the power to tear down and destroy that which is disconnected from heart.

Aphrodite had two lovers, Ares/Mars and Hermes. The child of Hermes and Aphrodite is Hermaphroditus; this is a being blessed with the masculine and feminine principles of the higher chakras. A gentle being, winged, and a Deity of Love. Like a flower that grows to meet the sun’s light, Hermaphroditus is a being of light that has both sexual organs. Marc John Calokerinos’s family also has origins in Kythera, one of three islands claiming to be the birthplace of Aphrodite. His first Tantra teacher gave him his first spiritual name of many—Ares. Making meaning from our heritage is one way to empower ourselves.