Dark Masculine - Deep Dive

What is Dark Masculine?

There is an earth-based Eros, a grounded, matter-based guidance with a continual connection to the light. The Dark Masculine (DM) is Masterful to the point that it has integrated the other three archetypes in this system. To know the embodied experience of the other archetypes allows the DM to take with integrity; it has been where others sitting in the other archetypes have been before — The DM can lead them elsewhere usefully with this knowledge and, when truly Masterful, is able to do so without verbal communication. Think of the Spanish lover who confidently walks across the floor, choosing the awaiting and surrendering interest of this passion, dipping his partners as they melt willingly and wantonly. The DM archetype knows when its lovers are open, when they are waiting. The DM is dangerous as their presence will reveal to you your own shadows, they stand for Truth and in a regal way will never bow to second class behaviour. If you surrender they will take you to funky town, may ride a motorbike, sing in a rock band and wear mascara. They are willing to chase you into the woods to spank you on the bottom, emitting a penetrative energy,  exuding commanding presence, living inspirational dreams, planning with aligned desires, actions, and words. There is ease in life with the constant choosing of one’s reality in this archetype; physical and psychic intuition is enhanced; one’s planetary mission may be activated; the lower chakras express into the world. There is a regal benevolence—the DM provides itself as a reference point for strength and brings others into their power. Taking is in tune with others and surroundings, with no sense of entitlement, while there also is no need for permission—they know who they are, they plant their feet firmly, consciously taking each step towards their purpose. The DM lives their truth, fairness as perceived by any who would disempower themselves is irrelevant; they are a gift when taking from others who are completed by giving to the visioning and dreaming of King and Queen resonance.


Examples of Dark Masculine Archetypes:

  • Kings and Queens, CEOs, Managers
  • Leaders of all kinds of sports teams, Event Organises, Inspirational Speakers, Visionaries
  • The one-night stand who knows how to leave; the lover who has a harem of lovers
  • Thor, Aragorn, Hercules, Lucifer, and Mufasa
  • The Jock and the School Captain
  • The Lion in the Wizard of Oz


Relevant Symbols:

  • Astrological Mars
  • Phallic Symbols


In Shadow: 

  • Steals, gropes, bullies, assaults, and rapes
  • Dreams powerfully and is held back from taking, there is a lack of will, integrit,y and internal completeness
  • Has low self-esteem
  • Expectation of help without having made the connections, and is often spoiled
  • Procrastinates, thinking that they need to learn more, experience more, instead of owning their own power.


Experiencing the Dark Masculine

You wait, knowing that the Dark Masculine is coming for you. What a pleasure, to surrender to a strong leading presence with a plan for pleasure. To know that you will be held, that you are valued and that their desires will overwhelm your senses. Your purpose, your desire is to serve.