Light Masculine - Deep Dive

What is Light Masculine?

Light Masculine (LM) is a service-orientated archetype, doing for the sake of giving from a compassionate place of sharing their higher energies. LM is the ultimate lover, priest/priestess, and healer; they are centred in service and ground those around them—with their streaming consciousness they ground wisdom through the heart. There is a supreme attention to detail and so their care is an embodied expression of who they are. LM is an archetype that expresses through poets and our best eye-gazers (the heartfelt opening type of eye gazing, as opposed to the darker and more seductive eye gazing of our darker archetypes). LM holds their ground, they know their value, and would never sell their soul cheap; they notice the value of others’ dreams and will empower and support dreams from inner realities into actualities.


Examples of Light Masculine Archetypes

  • Priest/Priestess
  • Adam, Jesus, Mother Mary
  • Angels
  • Yogis
  • Breatharians
  • Mother Teresa
  • The Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz


Relevant Symbols

  • Astrological Mercury
  • Lightning
  • Halo


In the Shadow

A LM in shadow acts as a martyr and has low self-worth and as such gives themselves away freely and to depletion, they accept no acts of reciprocity and are selfless while holding back expressing what they secretly wish to receive in return. LM has desires, values, and passion. When in the shadow, there is a detachment from expressing and fair exchange, and they give to get without checking in with themselves and communicating their truth. By selling values and desires for safety and approval, they have trouble affording things and are stuck in fear as opposed being in a free-flowing conscious expression, as they are fearful of what others will think. As such, they are taken advantage of in business and in sensual encounters.


Experiencing Light Masculine

Truly connected to life and nature and expressing love for all around. The LM streams consciousness of our connection to all; they know everything and everyone as Divinity; they share this connection with love, poetically inspiring others and serving from a place of alignment. LM embodied beings hold space for you to express; their heart chakra is overflowing, and their presence give others permission to open their hearts softly, like petals of a flower in their ease. LM is a pillar of self-worth; they make ceremony, blessings and offerings; the LM’s loving sensual connections are sociotypically in yab-yum, staying still for hours with only slight movements, like butterflies when making love. There is a sacrificial nature and yet, a knowing that nothing relinquished could be too great for the expression of truth. There is no bending on price in business. LM knows their value and what they value; there is no compromise on opinion and self-expression, either. LM incorporates a strong connection to Global Consciousness through their heart into all spaces and with an infectious smile.