Dark Feminine - Deep Dive

What is Dark Feminine?
This archetype embodies empowered sensuality, magnetically attracting without becoming attached, and maintaining a pure heart. The charm of Dark Femininity (DF) allows for Magical Living, calling forth from nothing, and as such easier manifestation. This archetype attracts and receives the Light Masculine (LM)’s electricity of service as its polarity, channeling LM energy to express intimate sensuality. LM energy is drawn down as if by the gravity at the centre of the earth. Fully expressed, everything comes to you; the strings you wield pull others and things towards you, as if you were a sexy spider woman weaving intuitively to universal design, empowered by your soul’s purpose. The DF is a master/mistress of timing that makes wavy motions, shifting the air like syrup, spinning others’ sacral energy through small discreet movements, and creating from nothing. There is no need for logic; intuitive motions are made through a pattern so expansive that it can seem chaotic to onlookers. While this archetype is seemingly preoccupied with the pleasure of being and expressing themselves, a peripheral awareness is kept, and gratefulness is felt for the pampering received. Hypnotised by the DF, victims willingly draw close; they are drawn like moths to a flame and often pounced on at the last moment. There is no template to their attraction; this being of divine timing is in the moment with purity.


Examples of Dark Feminine Archetypes:

  • Witches and Wizards of the woods and jungles
  • Jane from Tarzan, if she had been born there instead
  • Cher
  • Snake Tamers
  • Kali
  • Isis
  • Innana
  • Hecate
  • Lilith
  • Pandemonia
  • Flower to a Bee
  • Spider in her web
  • Flame to a moth
  • Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz


Relevant symbols: 

  • Upside-down Astrological Venus, 
  • Upside down 5-pointed star, 
  • Upside down A symbol for Urania (symbol for Pandemonia, a dark expression of Venus)


In Shadow:

  • Lacks acceptance, and so uses OR instead of AND (Language Sabotage - Learn More In A Hieros Gamos Alchemy Magical Language Course).
  • Believes they are unable to have everything, and so avoids using AND.
  • Believes there is a need to understand the WHY, when they could be listening and following the Eros of the Earth, which in turn answers the WHY.
  • Disempowers themselves, shrugging off power with words and actions. 
  • Runs out of time, likely because they believed they didn’t have enough and sabotaged themselves.
  • Freeloads, exploits, is lazy and entitled, manipulates to have slaves.
  • Projecting the dark outwards instead of being self-responsible.


Experiencing the Dark Feminine

As you approach the dark feminine, the magnetism pulls you into action, but your mind holds you back. “It is my pleasure to receive your worship,” the communication has been made, the purpose you felt within is activated, and your service is willingly accepted. A corner glance of the eye is made, undulating angles are made, arms waving as hypnotically as pendulums of time swing. The air wobbles from the sensual awareness and conscious pushing of the air, ripples in the water molecules are coaxed to play like schools of fish.