About Us, Archetypes? + Spiritual Concepts

Hieros Gamos Alchemy creates Archetypal Tinctures and Archetypal Perfumes. Our human evolution has occurred within the shifting storylines of the Multiverse. Our tinctures with flower essences are vibrational and hold  the intention of giving access to 4 core archetypal frequencies. As Pharmacon - they are neither a poison, cure, magic spell, or incantation. They elegantly carry our intentions, and can also be empowered with your own intentions.


Archetypes are changing models of people, behaviours, and personalities. They are shared concepts that arise in different cultures and philosophies—archetypes have a universal nature. 

Having an awareness of archetypes can help us identify when we are in shadow expressions of ourselves and when our soul light is occluded.  As we let go of attachments and transmute shadows, our souls can shine brightly and anchor to the body.

Do we need to put ourselves into the boxes of these archetypes? In fact, we are all either unconsciously or consciously already in them, until we can master ourselves to some degree. Then we can see their matrix and create/realise/live our uniqueness within unity, accepting and transcending the boxes. . . .



To travel deeply within, we can drop our favouritism of specific archetypes. It is possible to embody the paradox between opposing polarities within singular beings. This also dissolves energies of attachment to specific roles that we have previously played and aspired too. With this freed-up energy, we have more resources available in every moment and so can easily embody the shifts of global archetypes and the energy that is most relevant to flow through us in present awareness. With freed-up energy we can more fully embody a specific archetype as it is relevant in any present moment and we can also more freely shift that energy to other archetypes as our awareness is opened with less to no attachments.


Carl Jung is most commonly referenced when exploring archetypes. After curing a woman of insomnia by singing a lullaby, Jung said, Enchantment like that is the oldest form of medicine.” When expressing the #2 personality type, Jung references incantations, lullabies, humming, the mystical, and the irrational. This is a reference to Western Shamanic traditions and, according to Peter Kingsley, this is an integral part of the Orphic tradition. Orpheus’s mythology involves him travelling to the underworld, the realm of shadows, to save his wife. Orpheus’s island of birth (Lesbos) is also the birthplace of half of Marc John Calokerinos (creator of Hieros Gamos Alchemy)’s family. Placebo has been shown in science to be just as effective as medicine in healing the body. The stories we choose to believe create currents in our life that we can follow. Lets consciously choose our own mythology, our own stories when reinforced become truths that build our realities. Using tools to anchor our chosen placebo's we can easily trigger emotions and patterns that through ritual/repetition we have embedded in our psyche


It is through meeting our shadows that we can undergo an internal alchemical transmutation. By bringing shadows to the surface, integrating them, and being in a place of choice to make new patterns, we can choose to raise our consciousness. Such an approach is Apotropaic according to the Ancient Greeks—instead of avoiding something that frightens us, we can talk about it, be interested in it, and respectful of it. By holding the intention of smothering it with niceness when meeting it, we can easefully experience it and then turn it away. Such an approach is also quite tantric, to expand in many directions, within duality and quadrality for instance; and then to transcend the expansion.


These tinctures and perfumes may be used as aides to exploring the Astral and anchoring ritually expanded states. They may do so by bringing a touch of the numinous  (spiritual or religious quality) to your everyday life in an apotropaic way, by means of your intention. Such experiences support the confronting of things that we might otherwise shy away from. We trust that you reading the informative pages on our website will increase your abilities to approach life with heart, with your soul completely expressed, so that you may be present and responsive in the face of old patterns and karma. Thus, after accepting what your experience currently is you may channel new templates, free from attachments and desires.


Your intention is the spell, and these tinctures and perfumes can be the tools for your exploration of self-liberation from the maze of the collective unconscious, and they can serve as anchors for such states until they become stages of integrated development.

The collective unconscious is being cleared of old patterns and shadow expressions of sub-personalities. As a part of your journey with these archetypes, it can be useful to anchor your growth with our sacred substances of high vibrational potency.

Everything is sacred and your power of belief can determine any substances effectiveness. When clear expressions of each archetype are embodied over an extended period, new neural pathways have an opportunity to form. The clearer these patterns are, the more freely our souls can express.

Living in the knowledge that everything is sacred allows:

1) for our souls to shine;
2) for our regular way of being to be soul-focused; and
3) for our journey into the void (our centre and core) to be supported as a result of the foundations being built through our experiences.

Living from our centre/void, we are in greater flow (unity), and are also co-creating from our unique frequencies in harmony. We are highly present and interact ecologically when channeling our divine unique expression whilst in harmony with our environments.

In Yogic traditions, there is a common thread that says you will experience suffering, especially if you are living life, as opposed to staying still. Either way, in moving through life, or remaining still and silent in meditation, our experience here is either burning off karma or creating more. Using intention to face shadows is a prerequisite for presence, a stage setting that may also bring more of your shadows to the surface, which while at first can feel like extra suffering, may just be awareness of the old patterns. When we are well resourced, there is a higher level of comfort, and because shadows that were otherwise hidden may then be faced, we also suggest working with spiritual healers or organisations, and/or by doing 1-on-1 work and group work. It is possible to use these tools on your own as well.


is an action or decision made. It can be waking up and choosing between smoking or exercising. Such action choices create Vrittis, thought patterns/impressions. Repeated Vrittis manifest as habits, and when habits influence our thoughts, they become Samskaras, habits so deeply ingrained that they shape our inner world and mould our personality; they are psychological imprints that result in Vasanas, desires/tendencies.


While our products may help you reset into healthy patterns with self-anchoring techniques, we recommend that you work with our audio programs and a professional who will help anchor your new patterns to these tinctures - unless you have a background in Self-help, Shamanism, Energy work, Alchemy, NLP, and/or other related practices. We hope that these tinctures assist you in following your Eros—the universal current that flows through and directs the actions of mystics in their expression of the NOW and in full connection with their senses. Please refer to the bios of our recommended practitioners.


We encourage you to become aware of your habits, of how they may have created a sense of separation from the present and your full expression. At the same time, habits have kept you functioning and have allowed a feeling of connection to your unnatural environment and to the world—at least until now. Now you are more than the average seeker; a seeker in the moment continues to seek; you have become a finder, and your present moments are filled with finding. Be compassionate for the self that employed old habits to fit in and stay alive. Habits can be healthy or separated from the Soul. When disconnected in the mind, we experience Illusions—a separation from true emotions can be the result of an emotional attachment to delusion, and Maya is what keeps us separate from our body. These are veils, filters of our experience, protection mechanisms, reactions to less favourable circumstances—they are coping mechanisms. By clearing such Body/Mind expressions, we progress into a more embodied soul expression, which in turn brings us to connect deeply into a principle of oneness, a connection to ourselves and life without attachment.


As old paradigms of being in the world are challenged by that which emerges, all those holding on will be challenged to evolve by the darker archetypes, while the lighter archetypes will provide support for their transformation. Both sets of these archetypes are roles that the World Soul and Cosmic Soul can call upon you to embody, and our tinctures and perfumes are intended as bridges and portals to bring you into perfect integration.