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Dark Feminine Tincture

Dark Feminine Tincture

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A Gender-Free Tincture of Empowered Sensuality and Transformation

A Witchy | Wizardy Archetypal Expression



Highest Purity | Ethically Sourced | Wild and Organic

✺ Ayahuasca Flower Essence ✺ 
You are not ingesting a hallucinogen! Flower essences harness the mystical vibrations of plants and their blossoms, not their physical substance.

✺ Himalayan Shilajit ✺ 
Shilajit nourishes the bones, skin, hair and nails, energising the body with over 80 essential minerals. It is known to detoxify the body, is an anti-oxidant, boosts your immunity, is an anti-inflammatory, and has many other benefits.

Our intention for pairing Shilajit is that it acts as a vehicle for the resonance of the Flower Essences.

✺ Distilled water ✺

✺ High-Grade Alcohol ✺

What are flower essences

Flower essences, unlike herbal preparations, operate on an energetic vibrational level and contain no discernible plant material or psychoactive compounds. They embody a holistic approach to wellness and self-healing, steeped in a tradition of nurturing the emotional self to calm the spirit and mind. This is alchemical wisdom at its finest, transforming nature’s subtle energies into powerful tools for inner harmony.

The creation of flower essences involves capturing the plant’s vibrational imprint. Through a sacred process, flowers are placed in pure water under the sun or moon, infusing the liquid with their life force. This essence, stabilised typically with alcohol, retains the plant’s unique energetic signature, capable of activating specific healing aspects within the human energy field.

Intentions of Pharmakon

✺ Compassionate Heart Purification ✺
✺ Pituitary Ignition ✺
✺ Freedom from Attachment ✺
✺ Soul Aligned Magnetic Attraction and Manifestation ✺
✺ Empowered Sensuality ✺

Esoteric Intentions
To clear the outer personality layers of attachments (represented by the outer layers of the body - skin, hair, nails), so that the soul, deeper inside can more clearly shine, freed of these obstructive filters (we make no assertion that your soul lives in your bone marrow - only that with deep intentions, you can create your own healing journey).

Shamanic Interactions
We ask that you create a relationship with the tincture so that you know how much to take and when (we will also provide some guidelines if you are yet to activate your intuition and we are preparing courses to activate your intuition also).

We also ask that you build a relationship with the archetype within you so that you can track your progress within associated arena's in life. As you work with our physical products and pair them with our audios - build a relationship with the clearing statements and affirmations we have prepared for your listening and verbal repetition like a Mantra. By anchoring the use of our audios with the physical products - A Pavlovian dog response can be built - instead of ringing a bell before dinner time and dogs physically creating a larger drool response - taking out tinctures and smelling our scents activating the neural circuits from repeating clearing statements and affirmations.

Emotions and Body
We ask that you are patient as we are preparing instructive videos on how to clear emotions and mind based blocks with bottom up approaches - that is through body movements that can be paired with the audios. This can be faster than traditional psychotherapy approaches which are top down and requiring a lot of retelling of stories, which can in fact reinforce stories and attachments to them.


The information provided through Hieros Gamos Alchemy and affiliates is not offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice. Nothing contained on this page is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment.

When using any of our products we recommend that you be guided by a reputable coach, NLP practitioner, tantric practitioner, shaman, and/or anyone else trained in shadow work and archetypal exploration. Please feel free to consult a medical practitioner. Our products are legal, despite containing Flower Essences (Homeopathy) from Plant Medicines, as we notify you that they have no therapeutic indications; and these are at such a homeopathic dilution that they are legal, only carrying a subtle energetic resonance. 

Our products are for engaging your imagination when setting new habits and to anchor behavioural changes. Our products are for entertainment purposes. No statements have been evaluated by the TGA. Our products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you feel empowered using our products, we remind you, that you are powerful, and we are grateful to have facilitated an experience so that you remember this.

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