Light Feminine - Deep Dive

What is Light Feminine?

Light Feminine (LF) expresses love and care by offering compassionate support. Their strength and divine expression is to surrender in the innocence of their love. Healers in the way they nurture; mother, maiden, and crone can all express this archetype. They will cook, clean, be a soldier on your battlefield, campaign your services, and support the dreams of others; they may show up just at the right moments as a result of their connection to Global Consciousness. This archetype is a Master of Space, gets the groundwork tasks done efficiently, coaches you to live your dream, maintains boundaries well by knowing what they can surrender to, and is loyal within these parameters. This archetype does what it takes and takes risks for higher purposes.


Examples of Light Feminine Archetype:

  • Warrior/Warrioress
  • Cheerleader
  • Mother Mary
  • Eve
  • Yemonja
  • Quan Yin
  • The Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz


Relevant symbols 

  • Astrological Venus 
  • 5-pointed star pointing upwards, 
  • A symbol for Urania - Urania is a light expression of Aphrodite


In the Shadow:

  • There is a counterbalancing between the polarities of the sadist and masochist, as this archetype tests its strength and resolve—there is as of yet a lack of self-knowing
  • There is a grieving rebellious heart that has surrendered past their capacities; tolerating more than they could hold they may have become frozen when their boundaries were pushed instead of voicing their needs.
  • Self-trust and trust in others is absent and permeates decision-making capacity (caught in indecision is a sign of LF shadow. 
  • Past wounds result in overly rigid boundaries, they are always on-guard, hearts are closed, and their minds are focused on dramas and disasters; their low willpower has manifested perpetrators to perpetuate.
  • The pains previously experienced have lowered self-esteem to the point that they separate from the tribe or become co-dependent and shut-off to themselves in a PTSD-type response as they tolerate behaviour unhealthy for them like a doormat.


Experiencing the Light Feminine

Their arms call out to hold you and nurture you. The LF waits to receive you and performs acts of service while you are away on your mission. It is their love to let go into your needs. It has been a long day at work and they have cooked for you, put the kids to bed, and are ready to stroke your hair softly as you rest your head on their waiting shoulder. Taken by their beautiful surrender to your needs, you respond by touching them, taking your pleasure in their surrender, their submission to being your delight, and their feelings for you are like a warm nightlight that is ever present in their day.