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Dark Masculine Perfume

Dark Masculine Perfume

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Introducing "Dark Masculine" - A Regal Perfume of Mastery, Leadership, and Primal Expression (FOR MEN AND WOMEN)

Step into your power with our extraordinary fragrance, "Dark Masculine." Crafted from the finest all-natural ingredients, this perfume is a harmonious blend of earthy elements designed to enhance your connection to the archetype it evokes. "Dark Masculine" is more than just a fragrance; it's a journey towards mastery and dominance.

Key Ingredients:
  • Agarwood Essential Oil: Complex, aromatic, woody with soft floral-fruity notes, this scent is added to be grounding you in the wisdom of nature.
  • Oakmoss Essential Oil: An earthy, rich, molasses like and regal scent that embodies strength and stability.
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil: A bright, uplifting note that adds a touch of vitality. Sharp and sunny citrus scent to balance our more earthy notes.
  • Cacao Essential Oil: The essence of sensuality and desire, igniting your passions - Rich and Sacred - Known by shamans to enhance whatever it is paired with. Be aware, this intoxicating note may result in chocolate lovers looking to bite you as well as providing emotional and spiritual benefits. This oil has some of the same compounds found to release in the brain after a kiss.
  • Tobacco Flower Absolute: Tobacco Flower Absolute: A unique and mysterious facet, adding depth to your olfactory journey, a grounding scent reminiscent of rogues whilst also useful for spiritual grounding and connection to the earth.
  • Ginger Root Essential Oil: A warm and spicy note that awakens your senses. Earthy, spicy, herbacious, a powerfully reviving and jing enhancing scent.
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil: An invigorating and commanding scent that is warming, spicy, sweet and dry.
  • Flower Essences: Homeopathic preparation that carries a spiritual essence/resonance and the intention of connecting you to Soul Aligned Magnetic Attraction and Manifestation.
  • High-Grade Alcohol: The base that carries these exquisite notes, ensuring a long-lasting fragrance. We use a non-benzene based alcohol - unlike many perfumers - as we care for our products to be non-toxic.

Archetype of Mastery and Embodied Truth:
The "Dark Masculine" is an embodied archetype of mastery and conscious action - taking from a place of integrity and embodied knowledge. This King/Queen archetype integrates the wisdom of other archetypes in this system. To rule and take with integrity one must be able to match other frequencies by already being intimately being familiar with those in their kingdom/queendom. Like a skilled dancer leading their partner across the floor, the Dark Masculine archetype knows when to move, when to wait, and when to inspire.

A Perfume with a Purpose:
When you wear "Dark Masculine" with intention and ritual, it becomes an anchor for the states evoked in the rituals. Combine it with our audio program, designed to facilitate your transmutation of shadows and evoke powerful change in your life through affirmations that evoke a soulful and clean embodiment of the related archetype. This perfume acts as a conduit, enhancing the effectiveness of these transformative rituals, allowing you to access and embed the states you reached in our transmutation programs easily in any setting through the memory of scent.

The Regal Presence of Dark Masculinity:
Embodying the Dark Masculine archetype means living life with the constant choice of your reality. Your physical and psychic intuition is heightened, activating your planetary mission. There's regal benevolence in the Dark Masculine, providing a reference point for strength and co-empowerment.

Living Your Truth:
Dark Masculine stands for truth and refuses to bow to second-class behavior. It reveals shadows, sheers Dark Masculine presence prompts you to confront them. With commanding presence, it inspires you to chase your dreams, plan with aligned desires, and take conscious steps toward your purpose.

A Gift of Empowerment:
The Dark Masculine archetype takes in tune with others and their surroundings, with no sense of entitlement but also no need for permission, it knows when those around desire to surrender. It exudes a penetrative energy that brings others into their power. Those embodying this archetype live their truth.

In summary, "Dark Masculine" is a fragrance of empowerment, truth, and mastery. It invites you to step into the regal presence of your own truth, guiding you toward your purpose and empowering you to confront your shadows. Embrace the essence of "Dark Masculine" and watch as it ignites your inner fire and leads you on a journey of transformation and empowerment.

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