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Dark Feminine Perfume

Dark Feminine Perfume

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A Gender-Free Perfume of Empowered Sensuality and Transformation

A Witchy | Wizardy Archetypal Expression

✺ Manifestation
✺ Magnetising
✺ Alluring


Unleash your inner enchantress with our exquisite, small batch, hand poured perfume, "Dark Feminine." Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this fragrance is a harmonious and potent blend of natural elements, designed to enhance your connection to the archetype it evokes and guide you on a transformative journey, alchemising related shadows and assisting your embodiment journey.

The "Dark Feminine" is more than just a fragrance; it's a tool for self-discovery and transformation. Immerse yourself in the world of empowered sensuality and allow this perfume to guide you on a journey of self-expression, attraction, and manifestation. Embrace the magic of "Dark Feminine" and watch as it weaves your desires into reality.

An Archetype of Empowered Sensuality
The "Dark Feminine" is an embodied archetype of empowered sensuality, allowing devotional service from others. Attract like a magnetic force, without attachment and maintaining the purity of your heart. This Witch/Wizard archetype, with all associated shadows transmuted, allows for a life of magical living, where your desires manifest effortlessly.

The Dance of Dark Femininity
Embodying the Dark Feminine archetype means moving in harmony with the universe's design, where everything flows effortlessly to you and your presence disrupts others back into their own alignment. You become a master/mistress of timing, creating from nothing through intuitive motions. The chaotic beauty of your expansive and expressive patterns draws others toward you, like moths to a flame.

A Scent Beyond Logic
"Dark Feminine" doesn't conform to logic; it follows the intuitive motions of your soul's purpose. While you revel in the pleasure of being and expressing yourself, you maintain a peripheral awareness and gratitude for the pampering you receive.

Drawn to the Flame
Hypnotized by the Dark Feminine, those around you willingly draw close, captivated by your allure. They are drawn to your unique energy, and in the last moment, transformation occurs. There's no template to your expression as you live in divine timing and purity of the moment.


Highest Purity | Ethically Sourced | Wild and Organic

✺ Jasmine Sambac Absolute ✺ 
A night blooming jasmine - communing with the mystery of the moon and stars, capturing the fragrant essence of the night. This Jasmine brings a fragrant embrace that symbolizes pure-hearted sensuality. 1000’s of unbruised flowers are required to make just 1ml.

✺ Blackcurrant Absolute ✺
An alluring, awe inspiring and intoxicating dark berry note that magnetically attracts while enchanting all around including the wearer and as they are the source allows them to remain unattached.

✺ Blue Lotus Absolute ✺
A distillation of the essence of magic and manifestation, added for the calling forth your deepest desires. Blissful, mesmerising and euphoric - An evocation of beauty and mystery that activates and blesses the 3rd eye and crown.

✺ Vanilla Essential Oil ✺
A sweet, comforting note that evokes intimacy and warmth. Comforting like a mother’s milk to a babe, whilst bewitching and long-lasting in the air.

✺ Saffron Essential Oil ✺
A touch of luxury and sensuality that elevates the senses and reminds us of exotic destinations.

✺ Muskroot Essential Oil (Vegan) ✺
A deeply alluring scent that lingers in the air, leaving a lasting impression, earthy and stirring of the body's lower faculties whilst grounding.

✺ Tobacco Flower Absolute ✺
A unique and mysterious facet, adding depth to your olfactory journey, a grounding scent reminiscent of rogues whilst also useful for spiritual grounding and connection to the earth.

✺ Ayahuasca Flower Essence ✺
non-psychoactive preparation that carries a spiritual essence/resonance and the intention of connecting you to Soul Aligned Magnetic Attraction and Manifestation.

✺ High-Grade Alcohol ✺
The base that carries these exquisite notes ensures a long-lasting fragrance and is benzene-free - unlike many perfumers - as we care for our products to be toxin-free.

Perfume with a purpose

When you wear "Dark Feminine" with intention and ritual, it becomes an anchor for the states evoked in the rituals. Combine it with our audio program, designed to facilitate your transmutation of shadows and evoke powerful change in your life through affirmations that evoke a soulful and clean embodiment of the related archetype. This perfume acts as a conduit, enhancing the effectiveness of these transformative rituals, allowing you to access and embed the states you reached in our transmutation programs easily in any setting through the memory of scent.

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